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Calendar Of Events

Page periodically updated

Possible events calendar for 2009.
More details to be supplied

June Seminar and Grading

Dates: 20th and 21th June 
from 9am till 4.00 pm on both days.

Ken Shin Kai Dojo
Mount Gravatt High School
The Hall
Creighton Street
Mount Gravatt

Training in both Kendo and iaido will be conducted and grades will be available in both
arts on the Sunday morning. It is envisaged that kendo dan grades up to 3rd dan will be 
offered, although this needs to be confirmed depending on availability of 5th dan or above 
panel members.

I will try to confirm the kendo dan level ASAP.

Can all dojo leaders please ensure that this information is distributed to all members as 
some are not on our email list as yet.

Any questions please contact me. As usual the fee will be $30 for the weekend.

Hope to see you all there.


John Isaacs

We will be taking the PCYC mini bus down and back on both Saturday and Sunday.

December Seminar and Grading

12 and 13 December 2009

in Toowoomba. At the University of Southern Queensland Clive Burghoffer Centre

Good afternoon all

I hope this email finds you all well and looking forward to the christmas

The USQ Kendo club have finalised arrangements regarding a venue for the
December Seminar. I would like to thank Michael Baczynski and Michael Riedel
for their work in organising the event.

The event will be held at the same venue as the special seminar with
Shigeoka Sensei last year. Details are as follows:

University of Southern Queensland
Clive Burghoffer Centre

Dates: 12th and 13th December
Times: 9 am - 4pm both days

* Drive up the Warrego Highway, up the Range and keep following James Street
once in Toowoomba. 
* Drive past the PCYC and turn left into West Street. 
* Go past the first entrance to the University and take the second right
(the first leads to the Student Village) into Baker Street. 
* Follow this around 300 metres and the Clive Berghoffer Recreation Centre
will be on your left. 
* Sealed car parking will be available, and there is no charge for parking
on the weekend. 

Training will be conducted in both Iaido and Kendo. If sufficient Jodo
members are in attendance, then there is room to accomodate jodo training as

Grades will be offered in both Kendo up to 3rd dan and Iaido up to 2nd dan.

You must confirm your intention to grade prior to the seminar. All relevant
forms are available on both the QKR website and the AKR website