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Calendar Of Events

Page periodically updated

Possible events calendar for 2016.
More details to be supplied

Sunday morning training at PCYC is no longer occurring.

This is due to a change in allocation of the training area, with the new area (what was the old gymnastics all)
floor being unsuitable, and also the upstairs room being cluttered and small.

At present there is some Kendo training on Sunday morning at the Mort Estate Activity Centre (MEAC)
(on the oval of Holy Name Catholic Primary School) Rosewood St., Toowoomba QLD
between 9:30am and 11:30am.

July Kendo seminar 2016

9 and 10 July 2016

This is notice of our upcoming seminar to take place at the Tallebudgera Leisure Centre, 1525 Gold Coast Highway. 
Palm Beach on the 9th and 10th July 2016, times 0830 to 1700 each day.

This will also be the next grading opportunity for the QKR and the details and levels available will be advertised 
after communications with those senior members that will be available for panel duties.

I apologise for the change of date to the second weekend in July, however this was done to allow for a North 
Queensland event to take advantage of some visiting members and also to support their efforts to grow kendo in Queensland. 

I am sure that we will be able to return to our traditional 1st weekend in July next year, as this has been highlighted 
by some members as the normal weekend.  I can only advise those concerned that the change was done in good 
faith as a ‘one off’ in support of kendo.

As part of this notice I would like to remind all members that as the seminar falls in July, to be eligible to attend and
 participate in any part of the seminar, members must be financial and registered on the AKR database before the 
start of the seminar.  May I ask all club sensei and leaders to assist their members to ensure that they have paid 
their memberships before 30th June so that the payment can be transferred to the AKR and registered on their 

This affects all aspects of this seminar, attendance, grading duties and candidates, as well as at the AGM which 
will be held during the seminar, when you will have an opportunity to elect new members to look after the 
management for the next two years.

To vote or accept nomination, members must be financial, so please ensure that you take advantage of this 

In regards to the elections, I would like to ask you all to consider your options and fellow members and to consider
 who you may wish to nominate for the follow positions

Vic President

Details of how to nominate for a position are as follows.

1.   A member of the management committee may only be elected as follows –

a.   any 2 members of the association may nominate another member (the “candidate”) to serve as a member 
of the management committee;

b.   the nomination must be­ –

1.   in writing; and

2.   signed by the candidate and the members who nominated him or her; and

3.   given to the secretary at least 14 days before the annual general meeting at which the election is to be held;

It has been suggested that those persons accepting nomination may wish to give a brief description of 
themselves and their thoughts in regards to the QKR.  Please be assured that this is not a requirement and is 
only a request should the nominated person choose to do so.

Please forward these to the Secretary along with the nomination by the due date which will be by COB Friday 
24th June 2016.  This will allow for the distribution of candidate information to be sent to the membership for
 consideration prior to the AGM.

If NO nominations or insufficient nominations are received by the due date then nominations can be called
 from the floor during the AGM for the vacant positions.

Any member wishing to raise resolutions are advise these would need to be received by the secretary by
 the same closing date.

Finally I would like to thank you all for the privilege and opportunity of being the QKR president for the last 
two years.  There have been many high points during that time and a good amount of success for our 
members in their chosen arts.  This not only brings credit to them, their instructors but also the QKR and I
 would like to express my thanks to everyone for their efforts in building a stronger Queensland Kendo Renmei.

Tom Johnson


Queensland Kendo Renmei