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FNQ Results

The results of the 1st FNQ (Far North Queensland) Kendo Championships

               Sunday, 9 June 2002 at Cairns Youth Centre

Kata: 1st : Tonny Petersen + Saku Haramoto pair 2nd : Martin Cowan + Masaki Iida pair
Juniors: 1st: Jake Ramos (Cairns club) 2nd: Daniel Cross (Cairns club)
Open Competition 1st: Saku Haramoto (Japan) 2nd: Michael Riedel (Toowoomba club)
Team Competition 1st: Japan team 2nd: Mackay team
Kirikaeshi Competition 1st: Kirin Brown (Cairns club) 2nd: Margo Medek (Cairns club)

* The competitions are held by selected participants who came from different dojo (clubs) in Mackay, Gladstone, Toowoomba, Japan and Cairns. Tonny Petersen (Cairns club) became 3rd in Open Competition and got an encouragement award. He showed good fighting spirit through the competition.