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1999 Results

2003 28th National Kendo Championship Results

linked to NSWKA site.


30-31 March, 2002, Melbourne, Victoria.

Kyu Individuals Open Grade Individuals
1st place - Jason Anderson, Vic. 1st place - Brett Smith, Vic.
2nd place - Robbie Henare, Vic. 2nd place - Stuart Burke NSW
Equal 3rd place - David Cunningham, ACT & Martin Cowan, QLD Equal 3rd place - Adam Martin Vic. & Kirby Smith NSW
Womens Senior Individual Championship
1st place - Hayami Abouteleb, Vic. 1st place - Yoichi Yano, NSW
2nd place - Kate Sylvester, Vic. 2nd place - Greg Nicholas, QLD

Equal 3rd place - Claire Chan, Vic. & Melanie Smith NSW.

Equal 3rd place - Kazutaka Uchino, WA & Katsumi Kuramochi, QLD
Teams John Butler Memorial Award
Open grade 1 Vic, 2 NSW Catherine Hallgath, NSW
Kyu 1 Vic., 2 NSW  
Kata 1 NSW, 2 Vic Fighting Spirit Awards
Womens 1 Vic., 2 NSW

Robbie Henare, Vic.

2002 Grading results at AKR site

26th National Kendo Championships Results Perth 2001
Individual Events
1st place 2nd place 3rd place
Kyu Ryan Oliver (VIC) Lindsay Patava (QLD) Pierre Candelaria
Open Y. Yano (NSW)
Team Events
Kyu W.A. Victoria Queensland
Dan Victoria NSW W.A. Queensland was fourth
John Butler Memorial Award
Kevin Humphrey, Qld

25th National Kendo Championships Results Canberra 2000
Individual Events
1st place 2nd place3rd place
Veterans Greg Nicholas (QLD) Katsumi Kuramochi (QLD) Y.Yano(NSW)
Team Events
Both our Dan Team and our Kyu Team played extremely well and missed 
the 1st place by a single point in the last match of both finals. 
They won their pools convincingly, defeating Victoria who were last 
years champions on both occasions.

24th Australian Kendo Championship Results
Gold Coast 1999
Individual Events
1st place 2nd place 3rd place
Juniors Ryan Oliver(VIC)Shuji Maruyama(NSW)Go Ato(QLD)
WomensClair Chan(VIC)Kate Silvester(VIC)Hayami Aboutaleb(VIC)
Veterans Yoichi Yano(NSW) Teruaki Kokubun(TAS) Kazutaka Uchino(WA)
Kyu Marcus Clark(NSW) Ken Chi(QLD) Vimce Caltabiano(VIC)
Dan Gerard Egerton(VIC) Brian Brestovac(WA) Stuart Burke(NSW)
Teams Events
Kata Victoria South Australia
Womens Victoria Australia A New South Wales
Kyu W.A. Queensland Victoria
Dan Victoria New South Wales W.A.

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